The Reasons to Have Travel Insurance

All too often, travel insurance is overlooked or viewed as something that is unnecessary for a person’s trip. Focused on the impending excitement and adventure or even the business dealings that lay ahead, many people perceive travel insurance as an optional extra or an unwanted expense. The good news is that cheap travel insurance is available and when appropriate cover is in place, every traveller can feel secure and safe in the knowledge that they are protected should things go wrong.

So, why should all travellers take out health insurance cover?

#1: You or one of your travelling companions may get sick or have an accident before the trip is due to commence.

#2: It may seem unlikely but a medical evacuation from a country is sometimes necessary. None of us expect or hope for them, but serious accidents can occur and you do not have to be engaging in extreme activities to have a serious accident. Heaven forbid, but you could have a fall or be involved in a car accident and the costs of an ambulance, medical care and an international medical evacuation can be incredible.

#3: You are not covered by Medicare when you are travelling in many international destinations. Do not be lulled into a false sense of security by thinking that the Australian government has reciprocal arrangements in place that cover Australians needing medical care in every country – it is not the case.

#4: It is an all too often reality that a traveller arrives at their destination but their luggage does not make the same journey. Few things are more inconvenient than being without your belongings and personal effects. Travel insurance can assist with covering the costs associated with purchasing clothing and other necessary items until your bags are back in your possession.

#5: Your carrier may experience a delay which leaves you stuck in a city that you had no intention of staying in. In this instance, many travel insurance policies will cover the cost of a hotel and any extra travel expenses.

#6: You may be planning to live in another country, even for a short time. If you would not go without health insurance at home, do not run the risk in a foreign country – travel insurance is a must.

#7: While it is not especially nice to think about, you may need to cancel your trip because of the death of an immediate family member. While the life of a loved one is significantly more important that the cost of a trip, having this protection in place can help to reduce stress and disappointment and prevent them from exacerbating an already emotional situation.